Treasure Beach
Unique and original jewelry designs crafted with genuine sea glass and beach china

Linda Tanfani resides on Boston's north shore with her dog, Gabi. She has been collecting sea glass and beach china for over 20 years and began crafting sea glass jewelry in 1998.

"While walking my dogs on the beaches of Nahant, I found myself amazed and delighted by the varying colors, sizes, and shapes of sea glass and antique beach china, each piece carrying its own special history. A collector by nature, I would fill pockets, cups, and bags with the treasures of the day and store it away for some future use.

I began recycling the sea glass and beach china into jewelry, while keeping the integrity of the glass and china as the sea gave them up - not cut, drilled, or polished. While either searching for new treasure, or sorting, or crafting new pieces, I find myself in a Zen like state, totally in the moment while losing track of time and so very, very a day at the beach!"

Linda's work is featured in local and regional stores. She also sells her jewelry at art shows and fairs in surrounding areas. Check the News page for a list of stores and show dates near you! When Linda isn't walking the beaches or crafting art, she is a practicing Doctor of Holistic Counseling and a Reiki Master practitioner. You can visit her Center Lane website by going to

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